About Me

I wouldn’t describe myself as having followed a usual route into therapy. I’ve always worked full time in a ‘helping people’ capacity both privately and the NHS but in more of a technical and practical way. I found it easy to waffle away while I was testing digital hearing aids but then I noticed that people felt comfortable telling me extremely personal things they had never told anyone else, asked for my advice and requested to see me specifically for follow up appointments and it got me to thinking.

Around this time I went through a series of difficult events in my private life, some of which I now know were pressing buttons from the past and I suddenly felt like I couldn’t cope. I had lots of frustrating and ridiculous phobias and I felt like I was going mad but what was really happening, was just ‘too much life in one go’ for my poor exhausted brain to process!

I am a strong, logical and sensible person and I certainly didn’t see myself as someone who needed ‘therapy’. In fact the very thought of discussing with a stranger my inner thoughts and feelings filled me with embarrassment and a sense of failure. However, These feelings soon melted away when I met my therapist, who was warm, friendly and immediately put me at my ease and I started to understand why I was feeling the way I did. I was encouraged to notice the benefit in my everyday life almost straight away. I can honestly say hypnotherapy changed my life for the better. When I was back to being me (or a better version of) I remembered the rapport I had with my clients and had that lightbulb moment – I can connect and actually help people in the same way! So started my ten year journey towards becoming a hypo and psychotherapist.

I know what its like to feel that you cant cope, when there’s simple things you want to do but just cant, the frustration at not being able to change something about yourself that drives you mad, what its like to genuinely fear something that everyone else thinks is frankly ridiculous, to feel like you are just surviving day to day, not really living, or enjoying life, to feel like you’ve ‘lost’ the real you in some way and stopped having any fun and of course the ‘biggy’ , how hard it is to admit something is wrong or even ask for help.

It’s not the events in our lives that cause the problems – it’s the emotions we weave around them. You could even say that every issue we encounter is simply a ‘brain processing’ problem. Finding a way to process difficult events in the right way means they can be safely tucked away in the long term memory with the relevant lessons learnt , no longer causing any issue in our everyday lives. I have a brilliant , tried and tested ‘toolbox’ for doing just this and now my focus is on helping you to realise your full potential and achieve your goals.I offer a free initial consultation which lasts about 30 – 40 minutes. You will not be put under any pressure to decide then and there whether or not to proceed with your therapy.

What are you waiting for?